Billy in his Recording Studio
Thompsound Music is violinist Billy Thompson‘s music production company.

“Great online session services for any musician”
Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby.

“Best studio experience of my recording career “
Cass Meurig, singer-songwriter/violinist.

Here’s a ‘Kwik Kuts’ compilation of various recordings featuring Billy playing the violin in various styles from Gypsy Jazz to Singer-songwriter accompaniment, Jazz Rock, Rock, Dance Music, String section work and more.*

For further information on the tracks visit here.

Latest recording contribution:

  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering a new album by Dave Elwyn. ‘Lifesavers’ is available exclusively from Bandcamp.
  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering the new album by Cass Meurig.
  • Strings for an album by new Baritone singing star Steffan Lloyd Owen.
  • Strings, violin and baritone violin solos for Delwyn Sion‘s new album ‘Arfer Dod  Blode’.
  • International best-selling author Clare Mackintosh was recently round to record her Author Note for her novel ‘Hostage’. This will be added to the Audiobook version.
  • Over the Covid-19 Lockdown, the following tunes were performed, recorded, filmed and edited at Thompsound Music…

The three main services offered at Thompsound Music are an Online Session Musician service, the Recording Studio and Location Recording.

Online Session Musician Service
The Online Session Musician service offers World class session musicians for music, TV and film projects. To date, clients from around Europe, the USA, South Korea, London and elsewhere in the UK have used this service with great success.

Recording Studio
The Recording Studio is best suited to solo projects and is perfect for a singer/songwriter or other solo artist to build up a project. Having said that, the premises are more than adequate for a small band to record live should this be what is required. There are more than enough channels to accommodate this.

Location Recording
The Location Recording service allows Billy to come to you wherever you are. So the project can be recorded at your desired space. This is particularly useful for choirs or other large groups – or if there is a special gig your band would like recorded then we can come to you.

Go to the Services page for further details…

Fairly recently, Thompsound Music made some crucial edits and additions to the new Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia with NYJO album.

Also produced at Thompsound Music in recent years is Dolennu – an original rock violin and looping project with composer Warren Greveson featuring Steve Roberts on Drums.

More about Thompsound Music – Not just a Recording Studio:

Since receiving Prince’s Trust funding whilst living in Cardiff in 1999, Thompsound Music has been producing music for various artists and the media. Using a range of Pro Tools systems, Thompsound Music incorporates the skills Billy develops in the music business into an all-round creative environment.

At the core of Thompsound Music’s studio is the latest Pro Tools and the MOTU 828es. In combination with a Focusrite Oktopre,  the system allows for up to 16 simultaneous inputs.

Various high-end mics and top instruments are available – and two rather special valve amplifiers.

For location recording Thompsound Music uses the same system as in the studio using a recent Apple MacBook Pro. A near limitless number of tracks are available come mixdown. With a fine array of mics and plug-ins including the Waves Platinum collection your project can be recorded from scratch right up to a finished Master.

Amongst other projects, Thompsound Music recorded, mixed and mastered Meic Stevens‘ 2002 album ‘Ysbryd Solva’ for the Welsh label Sain.

In 2006 Thompsound Music produced Amledd‘s debut album Cyfnod Cyntaf.

With the completion of the new studio premises in 2009 came the release of Billy Thompson Gypsy Style Live. This was a live recording of a concert by Billy’s band which he recorded himself and then mixed in the studio. There was also the live recording of a concert by Tango 5 in Sheffield which Billy recorded and then mixed back in the studio.

2011 saw the long awaited release of Dave Elwyn’s debut album Raw Blues. Mixed and Mastered at Thompsound Music, much of this album was also Recorded at Thompsound Music including the string section to ‘Know it All’.

2015 saw the release of Billy Thompson Gypsy Style‘s second album – The Eberle Sessions

2016’s big project was an original album by a wonderful singer/songwriter by the name of Gavin Crisfield. Released in April 2017, this album – ‘The Buckling Point’ – is now getting frequent radio play on the large French radio station FIP. Billy performs with this artist when visiting France in the summer.

2017 saw Thompsound Music record an album for Tacla. Tacla is the Welsh language project of the Gypsy Jazz influenced guitarist and raconteur Tegid Roberts. The full album will be ready soon. Click on the link for the EP on Soundcloud.

2017 also saw the release of Dolennu, an original looping and rock violin project with composer Warren Greveson.

2018 Cass Meurig’s ‘Taith’ (‘Journey’) is a collection of spiritual songs reflecting on her personal journey over the last few years. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Thompsound Music.

2021 Strings recorded, edited and sent off for mixing for Delwyn Sion’s new 9-track album available soon.

There is also the long awaited ‘difficult first album’ by Eryl Jones on its way.

More details and sound clips of some of the projects can be found on the Portfolio page.

For detailed information about any of the services offered by Thompsound Music, e-mail billy@thompsoundmusic.co.uk


* Not all tracks on this ‘Kwik Kuts’ compilation were recorded at Thompsound Music. For further information on the tracks visit here.



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